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Personal Prayer


Is the everyday stuff of life overwhelming you?
Are past hurts consuming your thoughts?
Have you lost your joy or never really had it?
Are you struggling to hear God's voice?
Does it seem like you are making the same mistakes again and again?
Are your days filled with anxiety or depression or apathy?

And you are trying hard to not let these things get you down...

God loves to set His children free from the emotional and spiritual bondages caused by living in a fallen world. 

Maybe it's time to let someone come along side you in your struggling and help you bring your heart before Jesus.

Here at Lydia's House, we love to pray for healing and freedom for our sisters in Christ. We have witnessed the healing power of God transform lives and bring lasting change to those who are willing to seek His counsel. 

In a personal prayer session you will meet with two trained prayers for 1-2 hours, where you will receive guidance and encouragement in bringing your struggles before the Lord. Your privacy will be respected, and followup appointments can be made if necessary.
This service is offered for free!!

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